SEEK, the largest Catholic conference for college students and young adults, will bring 18,000+ plus people to Indy January 3-7, 2019. You're gonna want to be there.

I am a young adult!


SEEK2019 is a 5-day event with specific talks geared toward you so that your faith can be re-ignited. You will hear from nationally acclaimed speakers - including Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Leah Darrow and Sr. Bethany Madonna S.V. - who will speak about the most relevant topics facing our culture. There will be daily Mass with bishops and hundreds of priests presiding.


Have questions about this event?

You may be wondering: Is it for me? Isn't it for college students? Can I really afford to take time off of work for this? How am I going to pay for this?


Check out the videos below for answers to these 3 big questions!

1. "Isn't this for college students?" - answering, who the conference is for and a little about what you can expect

2. "I can't take time off of work for a Catholic conference in January!" - detailing the schedule and how little time you could get away with taking off for this event

3. "How am I supposed to afford this?" - explaining what you get for the price & solutions to help you pay for the experience of a lifetime



Isn't this for college students?

Time off of work.


To register, you only need to make a $50 deposit. Full amount is due December 3rd. Prices increase in November. If you plan to stay in a hotel and want to room with others in our "Arch Indy Young Adult" Group, you must sign up prior to October 30th.


Check out the Fundraising Packet if cost is an obstacle for you: CLICK HERE

Come with our group!


Join our 'Arch Indy Young Adults' group. The more people who sign up with us, the more discounts all of us get!

1. Register Now on SEEK website

2. Scroll down to General

3. Input personal info

4. Select Lifelong Mission Track

5. Select ‘yes’ for small group

6. Select ‘yes’ for registering with ambassador group

7. Select 'Arch Indy Young Adults' in dropdown



Do you have more questions we didn't answer here? Please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing rkovert@archindy.org. We cannot stress how great of an impact this opportunity is! We hope you will join us for this incredible event happening in our very own state's capitol!

Registration and more info: