Join hundreds of other young adults this year in two different leagues (one for the serious competitors and another for the rest of us...).

Two Leagues:


Our volleyball leagues take place in the spring at the CYO Center in downtown Indianapolis, 580 Stevens St., Indianapolis, IN 46203. Game times vary from week to week for each team. Start times are: 6:30p, 7:30p, 8:30p or 9:30p. You’re guaranteed 8 games and the top 6 teams will play a 9th game during the last week.


Tuesday Competitive League – For all those who take this sport a little more seriously and have some skills. This league will still consist of having fun and getting to know others. Be sure to bring your cheer sections, food & drinks to share. Please only sign up for this league if you are able to do the following and feel somewhat versed in the sport:


  •   Consistently serve over the net and in bounds
  •   Can pass accurately and dig (willing to sprint to ball or dive on the floor)
  •   Know how to set or at least pass the ball up so a teammate can hit
  •   Each time the ball is on your side, your team attempts to attack (hit/spike)
  •   Willing to keep a fun and competitive atmosphere when games get close
  •   On a scale of 1-5, you consider yourself at least a 3



Thursday Recreation LeagueFor all those who still want to have a good time but don’t feel they are that great at volleyball, we have a spot for you. Please take a look below to see if this league would be a good fit. We hope to maintain a competitive and fun atmosphere:

  •   Interested in playing volleyball and abiding by the rules even if you may be new to it
  •   Willing to keep a fun and competitive atmosphere, no matter what your team’s skill level may be
  •   You enjoy being active and want to meet new people
  •   On a scale of 1-5, you consider yourself a 3 or lower

    Both leagues will have a champion at the end of the season. Friends and family can come and cheer for free.