Operation Leftover

Serve the homeless in downtown Indianapolis. Go out with food, drinks, info pamphlets and a willing spirit to meet the homeless where they are at with groups of Young Adults.

Serving those in need

More and more every day, God calls us to be disciples to the people around us—classmates, co-workers, and even strangers we encounter on the street. Operation Leftover offers an opportunity to meet and socialize with the homeless and impoverished in Indianapolis. Once a month, Operation Leftover gathers food, secondhand clothing, and other toiletries to distribute to those in need in the downtown Indianapolis area.


“Roll outs” happen the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at St. John the Evangelist Church, 126 W Georgia St, Indianapolis, IN 46225.


During a “Rollout,” we hit the streets of Indianapolis and socialize with those who may be impoverished or whose basics needs are not being met.  By providing fellowship, sharing faith, and providing resources to our brothers and sisters out on the street, we can empower them to get to where they need to be.


Things to bring:

  •   Blankets
  •   Hand Sanitizer
  •   Any grocery bags (plastic, paper, or cloth) that you want to get rid of
  •   Bottled Water/Gatorade
  •   Any homemade food or fast food (e.g. Little Caesar’s, Subway, etc.) that you wish to distribute
  •   Chips/Light snacks
  •   Toilet Paper
  •   Trash bags
  •   Pillows
  •   Sleeping bags


Contact Andrew Costello @ operationleftover@gmail.com for more information.