Formation Houses

We have a men’s and women’s formation house for young adults seeking personal growth and formation in the context of community. Desires and reasons for entering vary, but the hope is formation and growth of all members.

Our Formation Houses

St. Catherine of Alexandria Women’s Formation House

The St. Catherine of Alexandria House is an intentional community of young adult Catholic women striving to grow in personal holiness and supporting one another in their vocations.


St. John Paul II Men’s Formation House

The St. John Paul II House is an intentional community of young adult Catholic men striving to grow in holiness while discovering their true masculinity in a life lived in Christ.


The men and women vary in how they live their call as a community each  year as new members bring new gifts and talents. As is common in Christian Living Communities, both have a “Way of Life” that serves as a foundation no matter who lives in the house. Below is a small insight into part of their foundational “Rules.”


  • Weekly community nights with dinner, conversation & prayer
  • Support and uplift each other in daily prayer
  • Partake in bi-annual house retreats
  • Serve and participate in the life of the Catholic Church (sacraments & ministries)


The turnover for our houses happens at the end of July, beginning of August each year. Stay tuned in the month of June/July for applications.