Bowling is an intramural sport? Sure is! Great way to meet 200 people for 8 weeks in the winter!

How it Works:


Hindel Bowling Lanes

Bowling takes place from October through December at Hindel Bowling Lanes, 6833 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis , IN 46226. Hindel is one of the last family-owned alleys in the city and has been here since 1957. Amenities include hardwood lanes (they don’t make ‘em like this anymore!) and a snack bar and lounge.  Lanes open for practice at 6:50p with the league beginning at 7p each week. This coming season, we will be changing to teams of 6 people to accommodate more bowlers!



Each team has 6 players total. To ensure a good experience for all, we encourage you to commit to coming to all the games. This builds team spirit and will not leave your team in a lurch if you are not there. For this reason, we ask that you commit to coming to AT LEAST 6 of the 8 weeks. We know that things happen that cannot be foreseen, but besides that, we ask that you make this a real commitment. *You may only bowl for the team that you are registered with. No rule about # of guys vs ladies. Team captains will be able to call a sub to fill in. Each sub will just need to pay $10 when they get to the bowling alley each night that they are filling in.


Rules and Regulations

Hindel will also be organizing our schedule and league standings. Each week they will post updated information on their website. You will be able to see how well your team is doing as well as your own progress. This is also where you will see which team you will be playing the next week. They have a ‘handicap’ rule for all of us who bowl below 200. They simply add 100% of the difference of your average and 200. This enables all teams, no matter what your skill level, to have a chance at winning.


Hindel Bowling Lanes also has an extensive list of rules that will be given out to each team captain the first night. This will explain everything, including how scoring and league standings work.




Registration starts in

Fall 2018!

We're excited to have you join us!